Dharma Practice at Rumtek

One Day Practices


Every third day

Morning:White Tara
Afternoon:Five Dakinis


Every eighth day

Morning:Red Chenrezig
Afternoon: Milarepa guru yoga


Every tenth day Padmasambhava Day

Afternoon: Lion-faced male and female dharmapalas associated with Padmasambhava


Every thirteenth day

Fire puja


Every fifteenth day

3:00 a.m. Confession
Morning: Chakrasamvara
Afternoon: Thang lha (local deity in Tibet)


Every eighteenth day

One of the Four Guardian Kings, Namse rik sum, combined with Mahakala


Every twenty-third day

Morning: Green Tara (long-form)
Afternoon: Varjrayogini (short form)


Every twenty-fifth day

Morning: Guru Rinpoche
Afternoon: Vajrayogini (long form)


Every twenty-ninth day

All day: Mahakala


At the new moon

3:00 a.m.:Confession
Morning: Kunrik (purification practice)


Seven-day Practices at Rumtek (in Tibetan lunar months)

(Dates can vary depending on other activities taking place at Dharma Chakra Centre.)


1st lunar month

9th-15th day: Long-life practice for His Holiness Karmapa
23rd-27th day: Vajrayogini*
28th & 29th day: Green Tara


2nd lunar month

3rd-9th day:
Morning: White Tara
Afternoon: Five Dakinis

22nd-28th day:Hevajra*


3rd lunar month

9th-15th day: Kalachakra*
26th day (one-day practice): Parinirvana of the Fifteenth Karmapa


4th lunar month

(alternates each year):Padmasambhava or Vajrakilaya* with dances

For Padmasambhava
3rd-10th day: Tsechu: 8 aspects of Guru Rinpoche

For Vajrakilaya*
1st-3rd day: Various practices to prepare for Vajrakilaya
4th-10th day: Actual Vajrakilaya practice
11th day (morning): The practice concludes
15th day, until Saga Dawa, mantras are concluded

Dungdrup puja - 100 million mantra recitations (monks and lay sangha)


5th lunar month

9th-15th day: Chakrasamvara*
23rd-27th day (5 days): Cho


6th lunar month

15th day: Summer retreat begins and lasts for 90 days. It includes two seven-day practices.
23rd-29th day: Chos cho


7th lunar month

9th-15th day: Rain of Wisdom


8th lunar month

8th-14th day: Red Chenrezig*

(At the end of this practice the sand from this and all the previous sand mandalas is emptied into a nearby river)


9th lunar month

9th-13th day (5 days): Shi tro or Pema Benza (Guru Rinpoche), alternating each year


10th lunar month

23rd-27th day (5 days): Kunrik (purification)
30th-31st day: Mitrukpa (purification)


11th lunar month

7 days, at the winter solstice: Four-armed Mahakala


12th lunar month

23rd-29th day: Great Mahakala*; ends with sacred dances on the 29th, and is followed by Losar (the New Year)


*sand mandala associated with this practice

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