The Great Tsechu Puja and Vajra Nirtham (Sacred Ritual Dance) at Rumtek Monastery
From 28th May to 5th June, 2017

Main Puja
29/05/17 - 04/06/2017

Whole day Vajra Nirtham (Sacred Ritual Lama Dance)

Red Crown Ceremony and Long Life Empowermant by
H.E. Goshir Gyaltsab Rinpoche


Guru Padmasambhava, popularly known as Guru Rinpoche, was a great Indian scholar and highly realized Tantric practitioner of 8th Century. He was born in Oddiyana, the kingdom of king Indrabodhi (but He was also popularly known as born from a lotus flower). He played a major role in the founding of Buddhism in Tibet with the help of a great learned Indian master from Bengal, Acharya Shantanraksita. He was also a patron saint of Sikkim.

About the puja and Ritual Vajra Nirtham
Generally, mind not contaminated by illusion and confusion, we shall all phenomena very clearly as it is, in the palm of our hand with our pure mind through practice of Dharma as by the great master of Dharma see all as, “pure realms of Buddha and Bodhisattvas”.

This “Tsechu Puja and Chham Ritual Dance “by God and Goddess” as ‘Puja and Offering’ based on profound secret & sacred Vajrayana Mandala text called, “Sangdu Lamai Ley-ja Le-ur Gye-ma” (Secret Complied Text of 7 Chapters, Containing Completion of Guru’s Activity” of Guru Rinpoche) was first seen performed at the holy place of Guru Rinpoche called “Zangs mDog dPal-Ri” in presence of Guru Rinpoche by the great master Guru Chowang, a highly realized great emanation of Guru Rinpoche. (We can also perceive it in the same way with pure faith and pure mind to get the blessing of the same with the success of our efforts on the path to Nirvana or Enlightenment!)

This text was later hidden in treasure by Guru Rinpoche for the benefit of future sentient beings and rediscovered by this great master known as Guru Chowang from hidden treasure with his special feat and it spread in this world as Puja and Ritual Lama Dance according to the Tantrayana teachings of Guru Rinpoche. It is related with meditation practice and attainments of the common insight realizations or Siddhi(S) and one extraordinary insight realization i.e. Buddha hood, the Awakened mind!

This Puja and ritual practice is an aged old Kagyu tradition, flourished at Tshurpu Monastery, the monastery built by the first Karmapa, since the 12th Century, at the main seat of the glorious reincarnation of Karmapa in Tibet and it is carried on even to this day by the efforts of His Holiness the 16th Karmapa at main seat, Rumtek Monastery in Sikkim, India in exile and it is still going on.

Other Benefits
The place where this puja and ritual dance is performed, the land will be purified and blessed. The very fortunate spectators and even the animals that witness it, are said to be liberated and will reach the holy palace of Guru Rinpoche called Zangs mDog dPal-Ri and become his devotees.

And also the ones who are fortunate to witness it, all their obstacles in the year will remove and wished will be filled.

Chham or Sacred Ritual Performances Programs (Vajra Nirtham) on 4th June, 2017
1. Serkyem Chham (Making Offering to Gods and Goddess)
2. Sadul Chham (Consecration of the land as abode of deities)
3. Jinbeb Chham (Prayer for blessing)
4. Durto-Dakpo: Skeleton beings: (Keepers of Crematorium(Prayer and Offering)
5. Dorje Sinpo Tum Ngam Deity Chham (Pacifying evils)
6. Tsok-ley Chham (Making Offering)
7. Khyupa Chham (Prayer & Making Offering)
8. Yag-Khya Chham (Showing the dignity and prestige of the deities)
9. Zim-kor & Gingchen Chudruk Chham: 16th Male & Female Protectors (Prayers)
10.Gya Senge & Tsering Nam-druk (Dance of Merry Making and display of six long life symbols: 1. Long life man, 2. Long life bird, 3. Long life Deer, 4. Long life trees, 5. Long life running water, 6. Long life Rocky Cave, for Long life all.
11.Chham of processional reception of eight manifestation of Guru Rinpoche under parasol:
(1. Guru Shakya Senge, 2. Guru Pema Gyalpo3. Guru Pemasambhava, 4. Guru Pema Jugney, 5. Guru Loden Choksed, 6. Guru Nima Odzer 7. Guru Senge Dradok and 8. Guru Dorje Drolod. Followed by further reincarnations of Guru Rinpoche: King Trisong Detsen and the Great Translator Vairocana. Also consorts of Guru Rinpoche: Khandro Yeshi Tsogyal from Tibet & Lhacham Mendarawa (a princess of an ancient King of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh), Abbot Shantaraksita of Bengal, Eight Khandro Katrinchenma (Dakinis) 4 Guardian Kings of the Universe, Male Pawo & Female Pamo Deities, King of Gods: Indra, Brahma and young Gods & Goddesses. Eight emanation of Guru Rinpoche are performed: symbolizing the ‘she Drak-Wang Gye activities; Peaceful, Wrathful, Omnipotent & Expanded Activity of Guru Rinpoche and symbolizing supremacy of good over evils.
12.Zhingkyong Chham (Protector of Guru Rinpoche’s holy palace) for subduing and pacifying all evils.

20170225_Torma Attack Procession&Cham&Concluding ritual