Teachings by Kagyu Lamas

As time and circumstances allow, we try to bring you teachings and talks given by other venerable Kagyu Lamas. Below is a list of available videos.

To see all teaching videos by His Holiness Karmapa, please visiting this section.

All recordings are available as watch now or as downloads. There are usually 2 download qualities available. HQ ( high quality - large files ) and LQ ( low quality - smaller files ). If you are using mobile devices or have a slow internet connection it may help you to use LQ. Otherwise enjoy HQ. Recordings are also available as audio files in MP3 format.

We are offering these precious instructions free of charge. If what you find here is of benefit to you and/or others, please consider supporting this section. Video recording, production and online storage is costly. We try to use the best technical solutions available to offer the Dharma in highest quality possible.